New DVDs have arrived!

A large shipment of new DVDs has just arrived at the Sergio Troncoso Library!

We have documentaries, movies for kids, and movies for adults - something for everyone! Some are new releases and some are classics.  Here are a few staff favorites:

These and many more are available for checkout - visit us today!

BALLOONS at the Summer Reading Club Party!

Join us this Saturday, August 4th, at 2 pm for the last Summer Reading Club party!

Free and open to the public, we are very excited to have Rob Holladay, the MAGICAL BALLOON GUY, as our special performer!

This Saturday will also be the last day to register for the Summer Reading Club.  If you have already registered, bring in your reading log to get your prize.  Once the prizes are gone, they're gone!  We will be accepting reading logs until August 25.

Amazing Adrian Magic Show!

The Amazing Adrian wowed us with his magic show this past Saturday, here at the Sergio Troncoso Public Library.

He began his performance with his magical doves that appeared from out of thin air!

We were squirming in our seats as the Amazing Adrian revealed a HUGE needle!  He was going to try to insert this massive needle into a balloon without popping it – impossible!

He had volunteers touch the balloon to prove that it was real - it was!

We held our breath as the Amazing Adrian had the crowd count down “3! 2! 1!” and like magic (hahaha), he pierced the balloon and it didn’t pop! TA-DA!

Then, through a series of magical exercises, the Amazing Adrian magnetized a volunteer from the audience.  Here is our lucky volunteer holding onto the Amazing Adrian’s magic magnet and three spoons:

And then we watched in awe as the Amazing Adrian performed a series of complicated magic rope tricks, making the rope double and triple in size and then shrink into tiny little pieces:

And the Amazing Adr…

Join us this Saturday!

Join us this Saturday for story time with El Paso's Animal Services!  They'll bring their special stuffed animal dogs - who wear collars and have microchips just like a real dog.  And they'll have adoption info as well.

This event is free and open to the public!

First Annual Library Comic Con!

This past Saturday, we had our first annual Library Comic Con here at the Sergio Troncoso Public Library!
Free and open to the public, we had so many fun activities:

Our friends at American Income Life helped our patrons sign up for free Child Safe Kits and had a balloon popping game:

Library Customer Service Specialist Desiree was in charge of our arts and crafts table where you could create your own comic book and design your own super hero mask:

We set up the video game Rock Band and both patrons and staff (that’s our Branch Manager Derek and Library Customer Service Specialist Matthew!) had a great time rocking out:

And you could take your picture wearing a super hero mask with some superheroes! Visiting us was Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, and Spiderman!  WOW!

We were so lucky that they were able to take some time away from crime-fighting to join us at our comic con.  I guess that's why the Hulk couldn't make it?  Here is Batman giving out stickers and Batgirl and Spiderma…

Win this 55" TV!

Get the chance to win this 55" TV!
1) Register at the Sergio Troncoso Summer Reading Club
2) Read at least 8 books 
3) Turn in your Reading Log at the ST Front Desk
Need more information?  Call us at 212-0453 or come visit us at: 9321 Alameda

What about some magic?

Join us for a FREE Magic Show on
Saturday, July 21 at 2PM